Location Scouting for Feature Films Production

I'm also a location scout for Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Seychelles.
I can provide you with photos of locations that meet your criteria among thousands of locations. Or go to your desired location at desired lighting conditions and take photos / videos with desired lens. I'm also able to make a 360 panorama of whole area and can help your location manager with arrangements for selected area.

-> Location Scouting for Slovenia.
-> Location Scouting for Croatia.
-> Location Scouting for Italy.
-> Location Scouting for Seychelles.
-> Thousands of images on file.
-> Wide network of high position contacts.
-> Solid education in professional movie making.
-> Possibility of 360 Panoramas and HD video.
-> Panoramic backgrounds for post production.
-> Equipped with GPS, 21 megapixel digital camera, HD video camera...

see also my references by National Geographic, NASA...

Contact me via email: gregor.kervina@gmail.com (reply in few fours) or phone: +386 41 993 801

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