If you are in a business of selling visual and emotional experiences (from luxury hotels, tropical resorts to airlines...) you are probably trying to transfer the philosophy and enthusiasm about what you offer to attract potential new customers, right?

It turns out that one of the best mediums for doing this is quality photography, because it's true that photo can say a thousand words and what's even better is that a great photo can evoke strong emotions too! And evoking emotions, as you probably know, is very important for good marketing.

So what I do is I help businesses that sell experiences with my expertise in photography and using latest technologies to make wonderful, natural looking, attractive photos, that evoke strong positive emotions in their potential new customers and make them say: waaooo, I wanna go there and try it!


Professional photography:

-> Resort & Hotel photography
-> Interior photography
-> Panoramic photography
-> Virtual interactive 3D Panoramas
-> Gigapixel Photography
-> Aerial photography
-> Event photography
-> Sport & Action photography
-> Studio photography
-> Night & Low-Light Photography
-> Portrait photography
-> Food Photography

Location Scouting for Feature Films Production:

-> Location Scouting for Slovenia
-> Location Scouting for Croatia
-> Location Scouting for Italy
-> Location Scouting for Seychelles
-> Thousands of images on file
-> Wide network of high position contacts
-> Solid education in professional movie making
-> Possibility of 360 Panoramas and HD video
-> Panoramic backgrounds for post production

Digital image processing:

-> Digital image enhancing
-> Photomontage
-> Photo restoration

Graphic design:

-> High quality exclusive calendars
-> Jumbo advertising poster design
-> Logo design

Web page design:

-> Basic graphic layout design
-> Web photo gallerys
-> Photo enhancing

-> High quality sound recording in every place.
-> Underwater sound recording
-> Soundtrack music selection

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