Founded in 1922 the Socomec Sicon Group is an independent manufacturer specialising in the distribution, control, security and availability of the power supply operating in all sectors of the economy including banking, insurance, telecommunications, industry and hospitals, its products have the approval of some of the most stringently demanding users: Telecom companies worldwide, Ministries of Defence, nuclear industry operators. Design and production is certified to ISO 9001 and with 15 subsidiaries worldwide and factories in three countries (France, Italy and India), SOCOMEC is a truly international group.

This year I made 3500 pieces of calendars for Socomec Sicon, that were distributed all over the world.

Socomec Sicon UPS uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, is a device or system that maintains a continuous supply of electric power to certain essential equipment that must not be shut down unexpectedly.

In the calendar different examples of such systems are shown. For example the Louvre Museum in Paris uses UPS system from Socomec, Ariane rocket control room also... Main colors of Socomec Sicon are blue and yellow.

I took nearly all the photos of the devices and some of the background photos. And of course all the graphics design is mine.

See photos:

Socomec 2006 Exclusive Calendar


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